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Ghosts Of War - Riding Anlong Veng

View from the [Dangrek] Mountain[s] overlooking Anlong Veng. Nearby was Ta Mok and Son Sen's mountain residence[s]

I first visited Anlong Veng in June 2000. The final Khmer Rouge stronghold until 1998 before the government regained control, it was still a very tense atmosphere and in certain places I wouldn’t say I felt particularly welcome.

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Kickstart's Top 5 Bush Fixes

Running dirt bike tours we often find ourselves in many a fix, especially when it comes to parts breaking or falling off, but over the years we have learnt to adapt to various situations that are thrown at us using only the resources we have around us. Of course it’s good to be prepared, so certain essential items need to be in your tool kit when all else fails; there are only so many spares you can carry! Here are some of the bush repairs we often find ourselves using.

Disclaimer: Kickstart bears no responsibility due to loss of parts or injury due to these awesome bush fixes.




 1. Wooden Brake Pads.


We always carry spare brake pads, but with larger groups or in the wet season these can run/wear out quickly. A couple of times we have found ourselves without any more spares, so with a bit of wood, epoxy glue, sandpaper and the old worn out pads you can soon be back on the trails again. Best to let it set overnight, but they work surprisingly well and the great thing is they don’t really wear out! Never tested them for that long though ;)

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Cardamons Adventure - A Trip of a Lifetime

Ian & Co having a break on The Iron Bridge, on the way to Koh Kong

This year’s wet season had come earlier than previous years: which meant that the six day trip we had coming up in June was gonna be entertaining. Ian and brothers, Scott & Tim had booked the date several months in advance, but before we all knew it the day had arrived. After a barbecue welcome dinner and an early[ish] night we were soon heading to one of our favourite parts of the country to ride, The Cardamom Mountains; remote, wild and full of amazing riding, from fire trails and awesome single-track to technical, rocky hill climbs and descents, enough to keep even the hard enduro crowd happy.

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Keeping It In The Family

Day trip at the West Barey in Siem Reap

I was just about to jump back on the bike and head up to Preah Vihear temple when I got a call. It was a Singapore number so I was immediately intrigued. A guy called David wanted to come to Cambodia and do a tour with his two kids. After a few emails we decided on a route and a date. Normally our clients are adults with a fair amount of experience so having to look after a couple of kids as well meant a lot more responsibility and to be honest I was a little nervous. As it turned out I had nothing to worry about.

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